“Vocational Programme for the Disabled” was held with the cooperation of TSEV and MAPFRE Foundation in November, 2016.

The programme was designed (besides the recent changes in regulations which was about employment of disabled people) as a social responsibility.

MAPFRE Foundation supported financially this programme, with the content consisting of basic insurance knowledge and personal development. (November 7-17)

The first seven days of the programme was held by TSEV and last two days’ courses was organized by in MAPFRE Insurance as an orientation training.

All nine participants passed the exam and had a right to take programme’s certificate. In the certification ceremony, the participants took their certificate from Mehmet Kalkavan who was the director of TSEV and from Necla Aksoy who was the Human Resources Director of MAPFRE Insurance and who was the responsible from the Turkey desk of MAPFRE Foundation.