TSEV, which was founded by the cooperation of Insurance Association of Turkey and Milli Re, is the one and only training and research center of Turkish insurance sector.

The main objective of TSEV is to increase the technical knowledge and skills of professionals who work in insurance sector. TSEV organizes training programmes and shares these opportunities with insurance business and related institutions to increase the quality of people who work in insurance sector already. Also, TSEV arranges promotional exams for insurance companies and gives consultancy to the institutions when they need.

In addition to this, TSEV makes cooperation with universities which train personal to the insurance sector to increase the quality of education that students take. TSEV gives training programs to the academicians for free, arranges free insurance seminars for universities and also supports the researches which is related to insurance sector to increase the quality of education in insurance sector.

The vision of TSEV is to be a credential institution on insurance training and research services in the Balkans, the middle East and the cenral Asia as it did in Turkey. To do this, TSEV makes national and international cooperations with related institutions.

National Cooperations

TSEV makes cooperation with national institutions such as Undersecretariat of the Treasury which is responsible for auditing and regulating the Turkish Insurance Sector, Turkish Cooperation Development Agency (TİKA), Ministry of Labor Professional Competence Institute, Prime Ministry State Planning Organization (DPT), Ministry of National Education, universities etc.

TSEV makes cooperation with General Directorate of Insrurance Business of Undersecretariat of the Treasury and Insurance  Audit Commission to determine the needs of traning programs , to prepare the content of training programs, to make sure that the legislations are suitable with the European Union legislations. Also, these organizations send their instructors to the TSEV to support its training programs.

Another organization that TSEV makes cooperation with is the Turkish Cooperation Development Agency (TİKA) which aims to help developing countries and to make cooperation with these countries in economical, technical, social, cultural and educational areas. TSEV and TIKA sign a protocol to develop and support the insurance sectors in the Balkans, the middle East and the cenral Asia.

TSEV makes cooperation with Ministry of National Education. In this context, the insurance course program which is developed in 1995 is revised within the scope of insurance sector needs and it is submitted to the Board of Education and Discipline and it is approved by board. It is possible to raise intermediate staff  who work with agency, expert and broker with the help of this program.

TSEV and Ministry of Labor Professional Competence Institute signed a protocol to determine the Insurance Sector’s  Occupational Standards and Professional Competences. In this context, determination of these standards and the competences to reach these standards were completed in 2012. These standards were approved by Professional Competency Board’s Financial Sector Committee and they were published in Official Gazette in May 23, 2013.

TSEV makes cooperation with universities in Turkey. In this context, it arranged a lot of seminars in different universities.

TSEV supports the researchers who conduct their researches related to insurance. In this context, TSEV pays the copyrights of these books and publish them. Articles which are published by TSEV are published in Insurance Researches Journey which is the one and only refereed journal. TSEV ensures library services to the researchers and provides the books which are not included in the library.

International Cooperations

TSEV represents the Turkey in the presence of international institutions. In this context, TSEV is the member of European Financial Certification Organisation which consists of insurance companies in European countries and aims to set a standard for vocational education in financial services industry. TSEV is chosen as a member of “Committee of European Designation of Insurance Qualifications” and in this context TSEV shares its experiences with European Institutes. TSEV is also a member of Eficert’s Underwriting Committee.

TSEV makes cooperation with African-Asian Insurance and Reinsurance Union which takes the task of training insurance sectors in developing countries which do not have insurance institute. TSEV became a member of this institute with the invitation from FAIR. TSEV conducts training works in insurance sector in the FAIR’s Training Committee.

TSEV who has observer status as member in OECD-INFE participates in studies which aim to increase the training standard and financial consciousness and insurance consciousness.

TSEV makes cooperation with Chartered Insurance Institute. CII accredits the TSEV’s Basic Insurance Training Program. (“Certificate in Insurance”, “Diploma in Insurance”, “Advanced Diploma in Insurance”) In 2010, TSEV became an exam center of CII exams to make easier the accreditation process of its’ graduates. In addition, TSEV as affiliated institute collaborates with CII


Teaching staff of TSEV which gives services to the Turkish Insurance Sector for 40 years consists of  senior executives of insurance sector and academicians. TSEV contains these expert and academic staff, despite the fact that the number of academicians in insurance sector is inadequate in Turkey

TSEV gives services to the insurance and retirement firms, agency, broker and experts, indepent audit firms, banks, insurance sector institutions (TSB, Insurance Information Center, Agricultural Insurance Pool etc.) and Boards of Trade and also Ministry of National Defence, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, Turkish Airlines, institutional financial advisory firms, law offices, logistics, automotive, building and telecommunications.

We can classified the services which are given by TSEV as training programs, researchers, publishing and conferences, institutional exam services, consultancy services and library services.

Training Services

TSEV provided training program to the more than 30 percent employees who are in Turkish Insurance Sector since its foundation. Since 1973, TSEV Basic Insurance Training Program is revised every year within the scope of developments in insurance sector. TSEV Basic Insurance Training Program is the most competent training program in Turkey including the master programs with its context and its academic staff.

Other insurance training programs are Advanced Level Insurance Training Program, Short Term Training Programs, Expertise Training Programs, Training Programs – company exclusive- and International Training Programs.

Advanced Level Insurance Training Program which aims to provide training for insurance sector managers provides the training to the managers who has the knowledge in insurance sector and its subjects to follow the national and international developments in insurance sector.

Short Term Training Programs are suitable for not just insurance sector but also banks and financial sectors. These programs give technical        expertise to the employees in some specific topics and give competences which they can need in business life. Short Term Training Programs are planning  four times a year and there are almost 50 programs for one day or two in three months period. TSEV took into consideration to the developments of insurance sector and needs of employees in the preparation process of these programs.

The training programs -company exclusive- are prepared within the scope of different needs of insurance sector and other sectors.

In the scope of International Training programs, the knowledge and experience of Turkish Insurance Sector are sharing with the Balkans, The Middle East and The Center Asia.

Research, Publication and Project Activity

TSEV is not just a training foundation. TSEV gives its support and consultancy to the insurance sector or others in their projects when they needed.

TSEV which makes examination, research and workshop with the aims to increase the quality of employees in insurance sector and to integrate university education with insurance sector shares the results of these works with  Higher Education Board and related institutions. By doing this, it determines the needs and demands of sector short and long term.

In addition, TSEV organizes a lot of national and international conferences. Conference topics are insurance awareness, risk management, insurance subjects, the future of insurance sector, national and international insurance system within the scope of economic developments. Also, TSEV shares conferences’ declarations with public opinion as books in Turkish and English.

  TSEV makes important contributions to the Turkish Insurance Sector by researching and publication. The most comprehensive and online library of insurance sector is under construction and opens its services as soon as possible.

TSEV brings into services the Insurance Research Periodicals which contains 41 books which are about EU practices, regulations; 13 books which are about insurance subjects; 12 Insurance Research Journals which contains 86 articles which are referred articles and approved by editor to the insurance sector employees and researchers. Also, all publications are sent universities and other related institutions for free.