Demand-Oriented Training Programmes

TSEV supports professionals who work in insurance sector or relevant sectors from the beginning of their career to the end in all stages. There are open classes not just for the new-hires but also for the professinals in the sector; such as Introduction to Insurance for freshmen-beginner, Basic Insurance Training Program, Advanced Level Insurance Training Program etc. Anyone who works in insurance sector can attend these open classes.

One of the aims of TSEV is to support the improvement of insurance business and to increase the awareness about the necessity of insurance. Therefore, TSEV arranges some classes not just for employees who works in insurance business but also for the insured persons or corporates. In this training program, the ones who take out risk assurance are informed about basic, technical and legal issues. By doing this, possible problems which are related to the insurance policies are reduced to the minimum level and also the reliability of the insurance sector are increased in Turkey.

Companies or institutions who want to attend these courses can demand special class which is exclusive for  them. For the demands like that, first thing we do is to arrange a meeting with the company’s executives and then together with them we decide which course they need and should take. These trainings are designed company exclusive and courses which are given by our trainers are taken in our classes.

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